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We’re a family owned burrito company making affordable, premium burritos using the best ingredients and the tastiest recipes we can find. Try our burritos, but we warn you: you may become a rabid fan!

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What Makes Our Burritos So Great?

Hand-Made, Hand-Filled, Hand-Rolled

Made With All-Natural Ingredients

Oven and Microwave Safe Paper Wraps

Great Marketing Support Content

U.S. Military (DLA) Cataloged

Safe, Efficient, USDA Production

More Filling; More Real Meat & Cheese

Home-style Mexican Recipes

Burritos Have Long Frozen Shelf Life (12 months)

Real, Great Ingredients, Competitive Pricing

Made With Delicious Certified Hatch Green Chilis

Sausage Made from Scratch with Pork Shoulder

Real Shredded Cheddar Cheese

All Of Our Beans Made From Scratch

Burritos Made With Real Ground Beef

Burritos Made With Real Chicken

Burritos Made With Real Steak

Burritos Made With Real Bacon

No TVP In Our Burrito-Making Process

All-Natural Tortillas